Introduction to Seminars

Introduction to WorldView training

WorldView training for language and culture is designed to prepare you for life and work in an unfamiliar culture. We teach you how to learn a language and culture from the most expert people on earth – the people who already live there!

Our approach begins by introducing and discussing perspectives on language and culture followed by real-life practice at using those skills. We mix together Biblical perspectives, cultural insights, self-directed learning concepts, communication principles and a good dose of recognizing own cultural background. These topic areas are offered through a mixture of online field training designed to maximize learning while minimizing costs and travel.

WorldView training takes place in several formats:

  • Culture learning for adults (offered in English and Spanish languages)
  • Language learning for adults (offered in English and Spanish languages)
  • Culture learning for children
  • Language learning for children
  • Culture learning for teens
  • Language learning for teens
  • Culture learning for short-term teams

WorldView training is offered wherever is most convenient for your group. In 2018 we are offering training in Portland Oregon, Kansas City Missouri, and Panama City, Panama. We will offer modified forms of our training at events in Arizona, California, and the nation of Chile.

We would love to add your organization’s location to our training schedule – or invite your culture and language learners to the training we host in our hometown of Portland, Oregon.

WorldView teachers also work with a variety of for-credit academic institutions, providing our training as part of undergraduate and graduate level degree programs.

For more  information, please contact us:

[email protected]