Introduction to Seminars

WorldView Seminars enable intercultural workers to communicate in life and word the message of Jesus in ways that are understandable to the people they serve. Using experiential, integrative, skill-focused forums, WV Seminars in culture-learning and second-language acquisition teach participants how to learn a language and culture from the people they serve.

Seminar participants practice their new skills during both language- and culture-learning seminars so as to be ready to learn while living among people of another language and culture. These skills are foundational to the integration of Biblical truth, knowledge of language and culture, and knowledge of themselves when serving Jesus interculturally.

WorldView offers two different culture-learning seminars In Portland, Oregon, Seeing a Culture and Making Sense of a Culture. For second-language acquisition, WorldView offers seminars for Beginning Language-Learners and Experienced Language-Learners.

We now offer language acquisition and cultural transition training for children ages 4-12. This program is designed to parallel the adult “Second Language Acquisition Training”, “Seeing a Culture” seminar, and “Making Sense of a Culture” seminar. The children will have the opportunity to learn what their parents are learning in a kid-friendly way.

WorldView can schedule seminars in other parts of North America and the whole world upon the request of partnering organizations.