Second Language Acquisition Training

Seminars for Beginning Language-Learners
Participants learn the strategies and skills necessary for successful language learning in any intercultural context, whether anticipating attendance at a formal language school or expecting to learn a language by working with a language-helper. Worldview language training is hands-on and student-centered.

The core elements of the seminar are the ministry and health of the language learner and the basics of how to learn a language.

Sessions include an assessment of the learner’s personal learning preferences and on-field situation. Each participant leaves with an individualized plan for learning a language. This training is designed to encourage and empower our learners

Workshops for Experienced Language-Learners
Worldview offers workshops for those who have begun learning a language but have not reached their desired proficiency level. These workshops are tailored both for those with short-term mission experience as well as for those who have had other language learning experiences. Participants learn how to design, develop and implement a plan for successfully completing their language proficiency goals. You will leave ready and able to tackle language learning again!

Individual Workshops
One-day workshops (4 hours) are available for those who have plateaued in their learning or had to stop studying before reaching their desired proficiency level and would like to resume their studies. Topics covered include evaluation of the on-field language situation, clarification of learner needs and personal styles, review of key skills and learning strategies, and making a plan to enable a learner to meet his/her goals. You will leave encouraged and able to make progress!

Coaching for all language-learners
Follow-up coaching is available to all individuals and teams who complete WV language training for up to 2 years after completing a seminar or workshop.

WV Language-Training is Portable
Language-learning seminars and workshops can be set up for and adapted to the needs of individuals, couples, teams and organizations. WV language training can be taken on-site at our Portland headquarters, at other locations in North America, or elsewhere in the world.