Inside the Toolbox: Children’s Training

Chidren's Training LogoWorldview IICC is now offering language acquisition and cultural transition training for children ages 4-12! This program is designed to parallel the adult “Second Language Acquisition Training”, “Seeing a Culture” seminar, and “Making Sense of a Culture” seminar. The children will have the opportunity to learn what their parents are learning in a kid-friendly way! The program combines elements of language learning and cultural transition preparation, all using a bible-based curriculum. The children will learn the “tools” of learning a language and culture through fun activities, field trips, testimonies from other missionary kids, and will even get to try out working with a language helper! We believe that the children should not be overlooked when preparing a family to do ministry in a new culture.

For children over the age of 12, we will create a personalized program that combines elements of the adult seminar and the “Inside the Toolbox” children’s program to ensure the training material is age-appropriate based on the maturity of the individual teen. We will revise the program as necessary throughout the seminar. This training will prepare both the children and the family unit as a whole for a healthy transition!

Children’s training takes place during the same hours as the adult training. See the Seminar Schedule for available dates.

We provide nursery care for children ages 4 and under. Contact the office for information.

Please contact the program director, Lauren Wells, at [email protected] for pricing and other details.

See Lauren’s latest blog post.