Giving to WorldView

We greatly value and appreciate your partnership!

PO Box 16716
Portland, OR 97292

If you would like to speak with a friendly person call our office at 503-235-3818.
Or you can email us at: [email protected]

       Other Financial Ways to Help!

Merchant Rewards

Amazon—donates funds from customers who bookmark this link so that their eligible shopping will benefit WorldView (Institute For International Christian Communication Inc.)

Fred Meyer—donates funds based on customers linking their reward cards to WorldView.  Go to http// to link your rewards card to WorldView (NPO #82391).  You will still earn your rewards while helping WorldView receive cash donations.

Office Depot—donate your reward points to buy office products by using WorldView’s rewards number–1807776016.

Safeway—donate your rewards points to buy food and household products by using WorldView’s rewards number–503 235 3818.

Target—donate your rewards points to buy household items by using WorldView’s rewards number–503 235 3818.

Donating Stocks

From the Investopedia website—“Stocks, bonds or any other securities can be transferred as gifts. Giving the gift of stock also has benefits for the giver. If the stock has appreciated in value, the holder can avoid paying the capital gains tax by giving it as a gift.”  For more information on donating stocks see: 

Will Options

If you would like to include WorldView in your will, our legal name is Institute for International Christian Communication, tax ID:   93-0577934.

WorldView (legal name–The Institute for International Christian Communication) is an Oregon non-profit religious corporation, exempt from corporate income taxation under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service.