Core Elements for Beginning Language Learning Seminar

Ministry and health of the language learner:
The importance of the proper heart attitude of the learner
The ministry of the learner (status and role in the new culture)
The health of the learner (rest, appropriate breaks)
How to maintain motivation for learning over an extended period of time

Basics of how to learn a language:
What is needed in order to learn a language
How to make the most of personal life skills, learning styles and preferences
in order to be successful in language learning
How to find and work with a language helper
How to plan and start a learning program (includes setting goals, writing lesson
plans, developing drills and carrying out activities for learning)
How to develop resources for learning (role-play, drills, picture books, text
development, etc.)
An introduction to phonetics (includes general pronunciation skills as well as
specific exposure to the target language sound system)
How to use various strategies, techniques and methods for learning
How to find and develop listening resources for every level of proficiency
How to assess progress and ability in the language