Appeal Letter


Dear Friends of WorldView,

This Christmas we are telling the story of Tina, a graduate of WorldView’s training. You can find Tina’s story in the mailing we recently sent, or on our website. May you experience anew the joy of Christmas as you reflect on how Tina has brought that life-changing story into her community in Spain.

The Spanish people have a culture rich in artifacts and yet are struggling to retain one of their most important treasures . . . their faith.

When we first heard Tina tell her story, we knew we wanted to share it because it demonstrates how amazing and unique each intercultural experience is with those we teach and serve.

We continually see how our Languages of Culture tools play a significant role in helping our missionaries find the place where they can create and embrace new relationships and discover the place that God has prepared for them in a different culture.

This Christmas we revisit the culture of Bethlehem thousands of years ago and the culture of Spain today. Both of which need a Savior.

Tina’s journey literally led to a museum filled with artifacts and women. Women who themselves had not fully understood the amazing stories and influence they’d had in biblical history. Stories that would become the contribution the Lord had planned all along for Tina to reinvest in her new culture over Spanish coffee.

Her story goes on to highlight the importance of women in the culture of Spain, much of which has been captured in its artifactual sculptures and paintings depicting Mary the mother of Jesus.

During this Christmas time, when we too are celebrating how the Lord blessed Mary, a woman, we are also mindful of how her culture would have viewed her circumstances had Joseph not been called by God as well.

This is the same for so many missionaries, church mission workers and international business people who find themselves without the tools or advocates to help them quickly and safely engage with their new cultures.

Because of your generous support of WorldView, we have the privilege to provide those tools and be the advocates in hundreds of intercultural journeys just like Tina’s.

But we can’t do it without the cultural exchange of your time in prayer on our behalf and the investment of your treasure that affords our ministry the resources to help others preparing to serve other cultures — across the fence and around the world.

So thank you for placing WorldView on your Christmas gift list. You can give securely online on our website.

We wish you a blessed Christmas filled with all the cultural festivities that make your celebration special and amazing.


Mark Hedinger, Dr. of Missiology EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR